Saturday, May 23, 2009: Philadelphia Phillies  Hotel

This is going to be a rather short entry, and my apologies as well for getting it up so late. I spent the night at my friend’s place in Queens so we were up and out early and to the hotel by 9:30. It was a 4:00 game so we anticipated the team leaving roughly from that point to about 12:45 or so, when the bus would leave.

Unfortunately as early as we got there we weren’t there in time for Charlie Manuel who is apparently a morning person.

The first guy we got was Chris Coste. I had gotten 5 cards done the day before and he finished up the cards he didn’t get today. Really nice guy, and if you don’t know his story then check out his book: The 33-Year-Old Rookie: How I Finally Made it to the Big Leagues After Eleven Years in the Minors. I haven’t read it, but I know his story from seeing interviews and whatnot.

Matt Stairs was the next guy who I got, and he signed a 2005 Topps Total card. If you want an impossible set to complete that’s the one to pick. 770 cards, 100 of those being double cards, so basically 870 players. If you started now you couldn’t do it since Joe Kennedy, Cory Lidle, and Josh Hancock have cards, and there are many prospects who could be struggling in the likes of the Saudi Arabian baseball league (if there is one) trying to make it to the big show. Here’s what they look like if you haven’t seen them:


The day kept growing and it was frustrating as time kept ticking but autographs werent coming. Finally Scott Eyre came out with his kids. I had a board of 9 cards for him, but one fell off in my binder so he was only able to get eight signed. Oh freaking well. Midway through him signing for me one of his sons said something.

“Dad, are you really going to sign everything for him?” Eyre’s kid asked.

“Well see, if I sign them all for him now I dont have to do it later.” He said.

“You should tell that to Cole Hamels.” I told him. He laughed.

Eyre is a cool guy and would have waited around for me to grab the last one and the other 3 in my bag, but I wasn’t going to press the issue. 

The day before, Raul Ibanez had walked out and said that he’d sign when he came back. He came back, but guess what? No autograph. I never saw him walk out but someone said he was in starbucks. I went over there with Vincent and when he came out he signed a card for me, a ball for Vincent and that was it. I dont know what he did to my sharpie but boy did he mess it up and it cost me later too.

Then Chan Ho Park came out. Chan Ho likes to use one sharpie so luckily for me his autograph came out wonderfly. Yahoo! Whoopie! (That’s sarcasm- I know its tough to tell without tone.)

The next guy out was big bopper Ryan Howard. Ryan wasnt going to sign at first, but he did start signing and in the mayhem I was lucky enough to get him. But because Ibanez messed up my sharpie it came out bad too. At least it was an Allen and Ginter though.

But of course the 2 cards Ryan Madsen signed came out wonderfly.

That was it, the bus left and we did too. We went bowling, grabbed food and headed back to the city.

We didnt get anyone off the bus, so Vincent and I decided to go for someone else, a 3-Time MVP, Alex Rodriguez. We waited for him outside of his apartment and he came out but didnt sign. We knew where he was going so we went there as quick as we could, and were lucky enough to beat him there. He wasnt going to sign but he finally did. He signed for Vincent first, a jersey in silver sharpie, and signed my card of course in silver sharpie. Boo. It’s not pretty but it is an autograph from Alex Rodriguez. Check it out:

Please note: Im not telling you where he lives or where I saw him or anything. So DONT ASK.

So even though I didnt get any Phillies the rest of the night, I’d say it was a pretty good day anyway. Howard, Ibanez, and A-Rod.

Heres the Recap:

Philadelphia Phillies:
Joe Blanton: Refused
Clay Condrey: 0/0
Chad Durbin: 0/0
Sergio Escalona: 0/0
Scott Eyre: 8/8
Cole Hamels: Refused
JA Happ: Missed
Brad Lidge: Refused
Ryan Madsen: 2/8
Jamie Moyer: Refused
Brett Myers: Refused
Chan Ho Park: 1/9
Jack Taschner: 0/0
Chris Coste: 4/4
Carlos Ruiz: Missed
Eric Bruntlett: Missed
Greg Dobbs: Missed
Pedro Feliz: Refused
Ryan Howard: 1/9
Jimmy Rollins: Refused
Chase Utley: Missed
Raul Ibanez: 1/9
John Mayberry, Jr.: Missed
Matt Stairs: 1/9
Shane Victorino: Refused
Jayson Werth: Refused
Charlie Manuel: Missed
Milt Thompson: 0/0
Pete Mackanin: Missed
Davey Lopes: Missed
Sam Perlozzo: 0/0
Larry Anderson: 0/0
Gary Matthews: Missed

Alex Rodriguez: 1 Card

Phillies Total: 18 Autographs
Todays Total: 19 Autographs

Take a look at the Phillies Highlights:

There is one more update that will be up at some point same time tomorrow. I am NOT going for Florida on tomorrow but will be there on Saturday, and will be going for Texas on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday if Tuesday doesnt go well.


  1. nycautographcollector

    thank you sir

    I am not going to be able to post about the last phillies update until sunday at some point. I’ve been insanely busy and im preparing for tomorrow as well for Florida. That should be around hopefully tomorrow as well.

  2. nycautographcollector

    Yes i knew there was a chance that I would go for a-rod before we did it so i brought some stuff with me

    yeah it does, but at least it was signed by a-rod and not schmucky the clown

  3. yankeehater626

    hey there! ive been reading your entries for a while now and i am very impressed! I’m out in anahiem and this week the rangers are coming into town. I have never done the hotel thing, but I think I’m going to try it because I have alot to get signed by josh hamilton and he was really nice last year. Have you ever faced any problems with security at the hotel? or do you have some special hook up?


    PS. I have trouble remembering which blogs I comment on, so could you reply on my last blog entry so that I get the email? Thanks 🙂

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