Sunday, May 24, 2009: Philadelphia Phillies  Hotel

Sorry about how long this has taken me to get this up. I do have a life outside autographs and I was living, I guess you could say. Right now it looks like it’s about to poor outside so this would be an excellent time to catch up here, and that’s what I’m going to do.

I spent the night in Queens again, and Vincent and I headed out extra early to the hotel to make an attempt to get Charlie Manuel who leaves exceptionally early. Right as we got there I said to Vincent I hope we didn’t miss him already, and he looks at me and says “Isn’t that him right over there?” Sure enough it was. Charlie is a very nice guy and signed 6 cards at first, missing the lone Cleveland Indians card on my page.

“Charlie, what do you have against Cleveland.” I asked him.

“Oops, sorry, didn’t see that one.”

The next guy out was Pedro Feliz. He started to sign, and if you can remember from Friday, May 22, we hung out with him for a while.

“Pedro, Chili’s and bowling was lonely without you.” I told him.

He just laughed and signed a card, sideways.

The next guy out was Pete Mackanin, former Pirates and Reds interim manager, and now a coach for Charlie Manuel. I had 2 cards from his Pirates days which he signed both.

Matt Stairs again went for some coffee and signed when he came back.

Then we noticed Brad Lidge and Raul Ibanez leaving through a different entrance so a few collectors went there to try and get them. Ibanez wouldnt sign, and Lidge didnt want to either at first, but when he realized that there were only 4 of us he did sign. It wasnt his full auto like I got two days ago, but nice anyway.

When we came back other collectors told us that Cole Hamels came out and of course would not sign but went into a drink place. Vincent and I went to the place and found him on line at the juice bar place. We talked with Cole for a good 10 minutes. I knew he wouldnt sign since he was pitching anyway, but we simply talked. When would be good to get an autograph. How were the new stadiums? Which one was nicer? What kind of drink did you get?

It was nice to see that he was at least friendly and talkative and not just a huge *** hole all together. I got to ride the subway with him in 2006, and he was nice then and would sign at the hotels but not anymore. It happens, hes not the first one.

Anyway, back at the hotel I got Scott Eyre 4 more times, making that 12 on the trip, and Chan Ho Park once before he got on the bus.

Not a great day, but for a pre-game, a solid total of 17.

Here’s the recap:

Philadelphia Phillies:
Joe Blanton: Refused
Clay Condrey: 0/0
Chad Durbin: 0/0
Scott Eyre: 4/4
Cole Hamels: Refused
JA Happ: 0/0
Brad Lidge: 1/8
Ryan Madsen: Refused
Jamie Moyer: Missed
Brett Myers: Refused
Chan Ho Park: 1/9
Jack Taschner: Missed
Chris Coste: 0/0
Carlos Ruiz: Missed
Eric Bruntlett: Missed
Greg Dobbs: Missed
Pedro Feliz: 1/8
Ryan Howard: Missed
Jimmy Rollins: Refused
Chase Utley: Missed
Raul Ibanez: Refused
John Mayberry, Jr.: 0/0
Matt Stairs: 1/9
Shane Victorino: Missed
Jayson Werth: Refused
Charlie Manuel: 7/7
Milt Thompson: 0/0
Pete Mackanin: 2/2
Davey Lopes: Refused
Sam Perlozzo: 0/0
Larry Anderson: 0/0
Gary Matthews: Missed

Phillies Total: 17 Autographs

Check out the highlights:

Season Stats:
Sunday’s Total: 17 Autographs
Season Total: 408 Autographs
Season Average: 37.1 Autographs/Hotel

I was in the city yesterday (5/30) for Florida and will hopefully get an entry on that up tomorrow. I will be in the city on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday for Texas, and definitely Friday for Tampa. Two good teams, hopefully I’ll do very well.


  1. padreleigh

    Cole Hamels gave everyone the Heisman today at PETCO. He wasn’t signing for anyone. He wasn’t even pitching and he’s from here. Geeze. Matt Stairs was cool though. When is your next signing day?


  2. nycautographcollector

    Yeah, he told me that he signs the day before and after he pitches. So i think it might have been one of the other 2 days in between. But yeah, he told me to get his attention inside and then he would do it. We’ll see. I have two updates coming for the Marlins (5/30) and the Rangers (6/2)

    Very nice day my friend. Wright, Sheffield, Hanley and Uggla is an insanely solid day! Great job

  3. heelsonthefield

    Don’t get mad at me (this blog is fun to read), but two points: It’s MadSON and AnderSEN.

    I mean it. Don’t be mad! Just sayin’….:)

  4. nycautographcollector

    i am not mad at all! thank you for pointing that out. i did these updates rather quickly and as a result misspelled their names. feel free to point any out that you see in the future. glad you enjoy the blog! =)

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