Sunday, June 7, 2009: Tampa Bay Rays Hotel

This day happened by complete accident. My parents woke me up at the butt crack of dawn to go to Long Island to have breakfast with my Grandma and my Aunt and cousins. It was a nice day, and I figured since we were so close to the city my parents could drop me off somewhere so I could go for Tampa again.

It paid off very nicely.

It was one of those days that was all about quality rather than quantity. I got 13 total, but a solid 13, everyone who I got was very well worth getting.

I don’t have time to sit here and give great examples of how I got everyone and everything so here is a brief version of what happened.

First, I got Andy Sonnanstine to sign a card coming off the bus.

After that, Dan Wheeler had come in and out of the hotel with his family. He hung out outside the hotel with them for a while as we stood there patiently waiting. He gave us the international “wait one moment” sign, so we knew he would. After saying goodbye he came over and thanked us for not bothering him while he was with his family.

Dionner Navarro was the next guy out and he signed one like he always does.

Don Zimmer, who usually never signs got talked into it, and since I didnt have any cards of him, I had him sign a 2007 team picture card.

Carlos Pena came out and headed off to dinner. He signed a few and I was lucky to get him.

Scott Kazmir came out with David Price and went one way, while Jeff Niemann came out with Andy Sonnanstine and went another way.

I went up to Scott and asked him if he’d sign.

“Sure, I’ll sign, but I dont think it’s me you want.” He said, pointing to David Price.

“Well, to be honest, I he signed for me Friday night.” I told him.

“Oh, I gotcha. That’s a good reason. Variety.”

David Price said later, so I raced around and got Jeff Niemann to sign the other two cards he didnt the day before.

David Price came back and signed one each. Kept his word, I like that.

Andy Sonnanstine came back with Jeff Niemann and signed two more.

Finally I got Carl Crawford. Two days before carl had picked up my sharpie 3 times and handed it back to me unsigned. He was cool, walked strait over and signed one.

Carlos Pena signed another to round off the night.

Thats a solid 13 if you ask me. Here’s the Recap:

Tampa Bay Rays:

Grant Balfour: Missed
Randy Choate: Missed
Lance Cormier: Missed
Matt Garza: Refused
JP Howell: 0/0
Jason Isringhausen: Missed
Joe Nelson: 0/0
Jeff Niemann: 2/2
David Price: 1/3
James Shields: Refused
Andy Sonnanstine: 3/9
Dan Wheeler: 1/6
Michel Hernandez: 0/0
Dionner Navarro: 1/9
Willy Aybar: Missed
Reid Brignac: Missed
Evan Longoria: Refused
Carlos Pena: 2/9
Carl Crawford: 1/9
Gabe Gross: Missed
Matt Joyce: Missed
Gabe Kapler: Refused
BJ Upton: Missed
Ben Zobrist: Missed
Joe Dillon: Missed
Joe Maddon: Missed
Steve Henderson: Missed
Tom Foley: 0/0
Dave Martinez: 0/0
Don Zimmer: 1/1 (Team Picture Card)
Scott Kazmir: 1/9

Here are the highlights:

I was supposed to go today for the Rays but last second I scratched that. I may go Sunday morning. Who knows. I will definitely go one day for STL next week.



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