Tuesday, June 16, 2009: Washington Nationals  Hotel

The day started out with me getting up at 6:15 to drive my parents to the airport so they could go to Las Vegas for a few days. Thanks mom and dad. But at least I got paid to drive them. After that it was strait into the city.

The day started out pretty slowly, very slowly. Kip Wells was the first guy I got, but it would be a while before we saw anyone else and that person would be Corey Patterson, who considering spent the entire year in the minors and was called up because Josh Willingham went on the bereavement list, still only signs one card.

Then Austin Kearns and Adam Dunn came out, and I was lucky enough to be able to get both of them. I was the only person to get both of them, both on Allen and Ginters as well. I was very pumped about that.

After that it was very slow. Ross Detwiler came out and signed 2 cards for me. I always heard he was nasty but he was very cool today.

Then Alberto Gonzalez and Wil Nieves came out for their car. Gonzalez signed both cards I had, and Nieves who is a really cool guy signed all 3.

Mike MacDougal came out next, and we nearly missed him but someone noticed him around walking around the corner. He was normally a one per but he did a board of 8 for me today. Cool.

Then finally my biggest hit of the day (I know I got Dunn- but never Zimmerman) Ryan Zimmerman on, yes, an Allen and Ginter. I had somehow always managed to miss him but finally today, I was able to get him.

Joe Beimel came out and did a roll-down for me cause the security guard flipped out. He was very nice and said to me “That guy needs to take a fu***** chill pill.” Yes, yes he does.

The bus today was good. I got Ron Belliard 2x, Elijah Dukes, and Shairon Martis 2x.

That was it for the day not bad. Then I went home, got stuck in traffic on the Deegan, and then played basketball for 3 hours.

Heres the recap:

Washington Nationals:
Joe Beimel: 3/3
Jason Bergmann: Missed
Jesus Colome: Missed
Ross Detwiler: 2/2
Joel Hanrahan: 0/0
John Lannan: 0/0
Mike MacDougal: 8/8
Shairon Martis: 2/2
Craig Stammen: Missed
Julian Tavarez: Missed
Ron Villone: Missed
Kip Wells: 1/9
Jordan Zimmermann: 0/0
Josh Bard: Missed
Wil Nieves: 3/3
Ronnie Belliard: 2/9
Adam Dunn: 1/9
Alberto Gonzalez: 2/2
Christian Guzman: Missed
Anderson Hernandez: Missed
Nick Johnson: Missed
Ryan Zimmerman: 1/9
Elijah Dukes: 1/8
Willie Harris: Missed
Austin Kearns: 1/9
Corey Patterson: 1/8
Manny Acta: Missed
Rob Dibble: 0/0

There will be more updates soon I promise.

Im going to update the Independant league stuff at a later date. Maybe after the season. I will have an update for 6/23 for the Independant League All-Star Game and Cardinals postgame. Another post for 7/5 for the Blue Jays.

Im going for the Dodgers tomorrow (7/8) and maybe Thursday (7/9).

Sorry this took me so long, but I hope to get the other updates up very soon


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