I must apologize for my lack of updates since the summer began. I have been going to the city, and I have a lot of updates to post about, but unfortunately they wont be up until September.

I’ve been insanely busy going to the city, I was down in Baltimore, and I’ve been going to a lot of minor league games as of late. Plus all of what I do in my personal life, really leaves me with no time to update this until I get back to school, when I’m not going to want to do school work…

Here’s what I have to update:

Sunday: July 5, 2009: Toronto Blue Jays Hotel
Wednesday: July 8, 2009: Los Angeles Dodgers Hotel
Thursday: July 9, 2009: Los Angeles Dodgers Hotel
Friday: July 17, 2009: Detroit Tigers Hotel
Saturday: July 18, 2009: Detroit Tigers Hotel
Monday: July 20, 2009: Baltimore Orioles Hotel
Thursday: July 23, 2009: Oakland A’s Hotel
Friday: July 24, 2009: Oakland A’s Hotel
Tuesday: July 28, 2009: Colorado Rockies Hotel
Wednesday: July 29, 2009: Colorado Rockies Hotel
Friday: July 31, 2009: Arizona Diamondbacks Hotel
Saturday: August 1, 2009: Boston Redsox @ Baltimore Orioles Game
Monday: August 4, 2009: Arizona Diamondbacks Hotel and Brooklyn Cyclones Game
Wednesday: August 6, 2009: Hudson Valley Renegades Game
Thursday: August 7, 2009: Hudson Valley Renegades Game
Friday: August 8, 2009: Hudson Valley Renegades Game

A post takes me about 2 hours, and since its the summer, I like to get out and do other things.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions still, or slip me an e-mail if you need any advice or anything.

I promise though, give me a month or so and I will have everything updated and then the rest of the updates that haven’t happened yet.


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