It’s Been Far Too Long…

Hello there everybody, it is me, Jonathan, the NYC Autograph Collector. Good news, I am absolutely 100% going to be updated this season. What happened last year was simply I was going so much that I got so far behind with the blog. I must have been 20-30 entries behind and with everything else in my life (not just baseball) the blog wasn’t as much a priority and simply didnt get updated.

Anyway, here are the stats from 2009:

1488 MLB Autographs
1900+ Total Autographs including MiLB
6 Bats (including a bat from Ryan Westmoreland…who had the brain tumors)
6 Lineup Cards
1000s of great moments

Here are some of the autographs I got, the highlights, if you will:

I have high hopes for 2010 also. I dont think it will be 1488, but I should hit 1000 again which would be fine for me.

Friday I will be doing the Washington Nationals as well as the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL, and postgame for the New York Rangers, so it should be a mammoth update…after that I wont be doing a hotel until May 7th for San Francisco. But I will be going to a few New Hampshire Fishercats Games…Ill keep everyone posted.

Thanks, and have fun! 


  1. jskool81

    Awesome blog! I really enjoyed reading your archives and have bookmarked you to follow you throughout the season. I am an autograph collector as well and mainly collect through the mail. Please feel free to check out my blog occasionally, and I’d love any comments you may have. I really like the auto’d Allen & Ginters you’ve got. I’m working my way through the 2008 and 2009 sets TTM, and will get some scans up before long.

  2. Section86

    hey man, im new to autograph collecting (i am beast with snagging baseballs, learned from hample in person tons of stuff lol) but i wanted to ask some qs about autos and all.

    could you shoot me an email so i could ask you some things

    thanks so much its appreciated. loved looking at all ur autos

  3. nycautographcollector

    bluejays- hey man, thanks for checking the site out, i love, love, love the allen & ginters as you can see, and try to get them signed as much as I can regardless if I already have them signed or not…also, please post the link to your blog on a comment or something so I can take a look!!

    texas4baseball-thanks for looking!! and nice blog yourself, I really want to head down to Arlington for some games. beautiful ballpark

    section86- hey bud, glad you found the blog, and glad you enjoy it. feel free to ask anything about graphing, ill send you an email by monday night, im pretty busy visiting family so if you want, you can email me too, ask anything!!

    everyone-went for the nationals and the philadelphia flyers yesterday and the ny rangers postgame…expect an update by monday night, no later than tuesday night

  4. crhoden


    My name is Chris Rhoden and I live about 45 miles from San Francisco Ca. Your blog is extremely enjoyable to read. When my son was seven (he is now 34) he started collecting autographs/etc. We had season tickets to the Oakland A’s (Bash Brother Times). We attended the 1987 All Star game. The HOF players where staying it the same hotel which we stayed . Befriended Bob Feller and his wife. He invited us to attend the after game party. Have tons and tons of stories about getting the greats of baseball autographs. As a father I took pics of my son getting their autographs. In jr. high he started taking his owe photos and getting them signed when players came back. Today he now works for a professional baseball team (has worked for the since his senior year in high school). My wife and I were in NYC in July when the A’s played the yanks. I tried unsuccessfully to find your “notes” on visiting the A’s hotel on the 23rd and 24th of July. Could you please email me ( and let me know how to find them? If possible, I would like to share with you (if interested) my son’s experience getting all (and I mean..ALL) the great of the game.

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