April 9, 2010: Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Flyers (NHL) Hotel

The day started out like any other. I was up at some ungodly hour in the morning, the sun wasn’t up yet, and I was beginning my trek to NYC to get some autographs from not only a baseball team but also an NHL team. I didn’t update any NHL updates since I’m sure many people here wouldn’t care and since the blog is supported through mlblogs.com, it probably wasn’t appropriate either. But today since it accompanies a baseball hotel, it will be written about.

It was raining in the morning, which is usually a bad sign, but luckily, according to weather.com, it was supposed to clear by 9ish and stay clear for the rest of the day, which it did. Since NHL teams usually skate in the morning, they are usually out of the hotel by 10, making it perfect timing to head over to the Nats hotel.

I’m not going to go into huge detail here about the hotel, but there were maybe 6 people at the hotel, which is nice, two of whom are huge Flyer fans and could recognize every player which also helps. So in the morning I ended up getting 14 cards signed: Ian Laperriere x4, Riley Cote x1, Simon Gagne x3, Matt Carle x1, Chris Pronger x1, Sebastien Caron x1, Daniel Carcillo x1, Kimmo Timonen x1, Scott Hartnell x1, and finally James Van Riemsdyk on a photo.

Then it was over to the Nationals hotel. Security at this hotel is rediculous during the day. They employ nasty guards as well as bellhops who complain that we “ruin their livelyhood.” There are other words I’d like to say about them, but I cant do that here. The first player we saw was John Lannan. I only had one card for him so he signed it no problem. I had bought another card somethime last year and had it in a spot so I’d remember to take it and of course I couldnt find the dang card. Luckily they come in twice more during the season, so hopefully I’ll find it. Next player out was Cristian Guzman. I had a board ready for him to sign, and like i predicted, he signed all 9 cards. Soon after that, Alberto Gonzalez came out and signed the lone card I had of him. 

Nyjer Morgan was the next player we would see. Another grapher thought he was Willie Harris, and Nyjer kinda went off the deep end on him, only signing one card for that collector. But for the rest of us he signed everything, except of course his 2008 Allen and Ginter, because he “wasn’t feeling that card right now.” What? Really? Oh well, they come in again, just like with Lannan.

Adam Dunn came out, and signed 1 each, and out of the three Dunn’s I now have, this was by far the worst, but at least it’s Adam Dunn.

Mike Morse signed next while sitting in a cab outside the hotel. He too, like Guzman, signed a board of 9 for me. All his signing ended up costing him 40 cents on his cab fare. Adam Kennedy came out with Ian Desmond next. I had nothing for Desmond, so I was only able to get Adam, who signed 2 cards. The Nationals are the third different team that I have gotten Adam Kennedy on.

A little later on Matt Capps came out with Jason Bergmann. I got Matt Capps three times, but when I tried for Bergmann he was already in a cab and they were ready to go. Bergmann is one of those players who always seems to get by me somehow. I have about 20 cards for him and I still with all the times I have gone for the Nats, have never gotten him.

Next out was Garret Mock. If you can recall from my entry on 4/25/09 (you can find it in the older entries section) Garret was an awesome guy. He only signed 1 card for me but it was a beautiful 2006 Bowman x-fracter #ed out of 250.

He came back and a few minutes later he came out of the hotel with Brian Bruney, Jesse Egnlish, and Sean Burnett. The security guard flipped again that the players not sign but they all did. I got Burnett and English on the 1 card I had of each of them and Bruney signed both cards I had. At some point the security guard must have put his hands on Sean Burnett cause he was livid with him cursing and yelling at him. Telling him to “keep your hands off of me” and “not to touch me.”

I asked Sean, “Isnt it much easier to just sign.”
Sean responded “Of course, and everyone is happy to sign to, we want to, and this security d****e thinks he’s the man. Who the f**k is he to say whether or not I sign autographs, and then he f*****g put his hands on me? That piece of s**t”

It was riddled with profanities and insults but it was great to know that thats how a player felt, because most of them, like Josh Willingham will just use it as an excuse to not sign.

That was it for the Nationals, so I headed back over to the Flyers hotel, where I got 11 cards signed. Simon Gagne x1, Jeff Reese (coach) x1, Claude Giroux x1, Scott Hartnell x1, Riley Cote x2, Mike Richards x2, Braydon Coburn x1, Kimmo Timonen x1, and Daniel Carcillo x1.

So for the Flyers on the day I got 25 cards signed and 1 photo. Not bad, considering this was the 3rd time I had gone for them this year and I didnt have many cards remaining. 

I headed over to MSG where my friend was getting Rangers autographs. I was only able to get Michal Rozival on a card pregame. Vinny Prospal was very late and refused.

So for the next couple of hours I was in Queens with a friend. We flipped between the Rangers and Mets games and headed into the city to go for the Rangers and Nationals postgames.

The Rangers postgame was pretty bad. Usually I get 10-20 autographs postgame but today I got 4. Another Rozival, Wade Redden, and Erik Christiensen x2.

The Nats werent much better as I only got Willie Harris x1, and another Mike Morse. We hung out with Mike for a while and he said that a lot of players went out for dinner, which explains only seeing half the team off the bus, and as for not seeing Pudge Rodriguez, according to Mike, he was staying at a different hotel with all his family.

The day was done and when it was all said and done I had tallied 71 autographs…take a look at the recaps:

Philadelphia Flyers:
Aaron Asham: 0/0
Blair Betts: 0/0
Danny Briere: Missed
Daniel Carcillo: 2/3
Jeff Carter: Refused
Riley Cote: 3/3
Simon Gagne: 4/9
Claude Giroux: 1/2
Scott Hartnell: 2/7
Ian Laperriere: 4/4
Ville Lieno: 0/0
Darrel Powe: 0/0
Mike Richards: 2/2
James Van Riemsdyk: 1 Photo
Oskars Bartulis: 0/0
Matt Carle: 1/1
Braydon Coburn: 1/1
Lukas Krajicek: 0/0
Ryan Parent: 0/0
Chris Pronger: 1/9
Kimmo Timonen: 2/6
Brian Boucher: 0/0
Sebastien Caron: 1/1
Ray Emery: Injured
Michael Leighton: Injured
Peter Laviolette: 0/0
Joe Mullen: Missed
Jeff Reese: 1/1
Chris Therrien: 0/0

Washington Nationals
Miguel Batista: Missed
Jason Bergmann: Missed
Brian Bruney: 2/2
Sean Burnett: 1/1
Matt Capps: 3/9
Tyler Clippard: Refused
Jesse English: 1/1
John Lannan: 1/1
Jason Marquis: Missed
Garret Mock: 1/9
Craig Stammen: Missed
Tyler Walker: Missed
Wil Nieves: 0/0
Ivan Rodriguez: Missed
Ian Desmond: 0/0
Adam Dunn: 1/9
Alberto Gonzalez: 1/1
Cristian Guzman: 9/9
Adam Kennedy: 2/9
Mike Morse: 10/10
Ryan Zimmerman: Missed
Willie Harris: 1/9
Nyjer Morgan: 7/8
Willy Taveras: Refused
Josh Willingham: Refused
Jim Riggleman: Missed
John MacLaren: Missed
Rob Dibble: Refused

This will be the only time that there will be hockey up here, unless of course I go for the playoffs in October and the Rangers are home.

Anyway, the next hotel is San Francisco on May 7. I plan on going to the the New Hampshire Fishercats vs. Trenton Thunder game on 4/19 so there will be an update for that too! Check back in soon and have a good one!!


  1. bmichigan7

    Hey I kind of new to this blog and it looks interesting but I have a couple of questions. What time should you get to the visiting teams hotel if there game is at 7 and also should you wait outside of the parking lot to get autographs after the game. Thanks and great blog.

  2. nycautographcollector

    thanks, and nice blog yourself!


    yes, you can definitely wait outside the parking lot to get graphs, but be prepared to chase cars if need be. for a 7 game im usually at the hotel between 10-1030

    yes i was there, but ive been horribly busy with finals and such so i havent been able to have free time to write about it…expect something sometime by mid next week…

    I went for the whitesox on 5/1…and was at the new hampshire fisher cats v. new britain rock cats game on 5/4…both will be updated soon. im going for the sf giants on 5/7 and 5/8…everything should be updated by next wednesday or thursday

  3. obtainatgames

    My name is Max, and I live in NYC. I love baseball, and I was wondering where you find out where the teams are staying. I love collecting autographs and I feel that going to hotels for autographs would greatly improve my collection.

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