About nycautographcollector

My name is Jonathan Elias, I am 19 Years
old. Baseball has been a huge part of my life, and during the
2004 season I discovered the art of snagging baseballs and
collecting autographs. A friend of mine took me to NYC to the
hotel for the Pirates and I have been hooked ever since. Its
an addiction, and an addiction I love and hope never dies. I
have collected over 1500 autographs, most of which are on
baseball cards. I have a bad problem wasting all of my money
on cards to add to my collection. I have caught over 70
baseballs at major and minor league games, but my real
passion has been collecting autographs. In 2008, I totaled
911 autographs in a little under 4 months of the season
(silly college.) Anyway, I love my passion, and if I’m not
talking about baseball or thinking about it, I’m most likely
asleep. My favorite player all-time is Jeff Bagwell, and my
favorite active player is Garrett Atkins. Hope you enjoy my
blogs and updates, and check back as I will certainly update
here often.


Baseball, basketball, hockey. Playing and
watching. Food. Taco Bell, KFC, Chili’s, 7/11 Baseball Cards.
Spending way too much money on them. Music. The Fray,
Counting Crows, The National, and much more