April 9, 2010: Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Flyers (NHL) Hotel

The day started out like any other. I was up at some ungodly hour in the morning, the sun wasn’t up yet, and I was beginning my trek to NYC to get some autographs from not only a baseball team but also an NHL team. I didn’t update any NHL updates since I’m sure many people here wouldn’t care and since the blog is supported through mlblogs.com, it probably wasn’t appropriate either. But today since it accompanies a baseball hotel, it will be written about.

It was raining in the morning, which is usually a bad sign, but luckily, according to weather.com, it was supposed to clear by 9ish and stay clear for the rest of the day, which it did. Since NHL teams usually skate in the morning, they are usually out of the hotel by 10, making it perfect timing to head over to the Nats hotel.

I’m not going to go into huge detail here about the hotel, but there were maybe 6 people at the hotel, which is nice, two of whom are huge Flyer fans and could recognize every player which also helps. So in the morning I ended up getting 14 cards signed: Ian Laperriere x4, Riley Cote x1, Simon Gagne x3, Matt Carle x1, Chris Pronger x1, Sebastien Caron x1, Daniel Carcillo x1, Kimmo Timonen x1, Scott Hartnell x1, and finally James Van Riemsdyk on a photo.

Then it was over to the Nationals hotel. Security at this hotel is rediculous during the day. They employ nasty guards as well as bellhops who complain that we “ruin their livelyhood.” There are other words I’d like to say about them, but I cant do that here. The first player we saw was John Lannan. I only had one card for him so he signed it no problem. I had bought another card somethime last year and had it in a spot so I’d remember to take it and of course I couldnt find the dang card. Luckily they come in twice more during the season, so hopefully I’ll find it. Next player out was Cristian Guzman. I had a board ready for him to sign, and like i predicted, he signed all 9 cards. Soon after that, Alberto Gonzalez came out and signed the lone card I had of him. 

Nyjer Morgan was the next player we would see. Another grapher thought he was Willie Harris, and Nyjer kinda went off the deep end on him, only signing one card for that collector. But for the rest of us he signed everything, except of course his 2008 Allen and Ginter, because he “wasn’t feeling that card right now.” What? Really? Oh well, they come in again, just like with Lannan.

Adam Dunn came out, and signed 1 each, and out of the three Dunn’s I now have, this was by far the worst, but at least it’s Adam Dunn.

Mike Morse signed next while sitting in a cab outside the hotel. He too, like Guzman, signed a board of 9 for me. All his signing ended up costing him 40 cents on his cab fare. Adam Kennedy came out with Ian Desmond next. I had nothing for Desmond, so I was only able to get Adam, who signed 2 cards. The Nationals are the third different team that I have gotten Adam Kennedy on.

A little later on Matt Capps came out with Jason Bergmann. I got Matt Capps three times, but when I tried for Bergmann he was already in a cab and they were ready to go. Bergmann is one of those players who always seems to get by me somehow. I have about 20 cards for him and I still with all the times I have gone for the Nats, have never gotten him.

Next out was Garret Mock. If you can recall from my entry on 4/25/09 (you can find it in the older entries section) Garret was an awesome guy. He only signed 1 card for me but it was a beautiful 2006 Bowman x-fracter #ed out of 250.

He came back and a few minutes later he came out of the hotel with Brian Bruney, Jesse Egnlish, and Sean Burnett. The security guard flipped again that the players not sign but they all did. I got Burnett and English on the 1 card I had of each of them and Bruney signed both cards I had. At some point the security guard must have put his hands on Sean Burnett cause he was livid with him cursing and yelling at him. Telling him to “keep your hands off of me” and “not to touch me.”

I asked Sean, “Isnt it much easier to just sign.”
Sean responded “Of course, and everyone is happy to sign to, we want to, and this security d****e thinks he’s the man. Who the f**k is he to say whether or not I sign autographs, and then he f*****g put his hands on me? That piece of s**t”

It was riddled with profanities and insults but it was great to know that thats how a player felt, because most of them, like Josh Willingham will just use it as an excuse to not sign.

That was it for the Nationals, so I headed back over to the Flyers hotel, where I got 11 cards signed. Simon Gagne x1, Jeff Reese (coach) x1, Claude Giroux x1, Scott Hartnell x1, Riley Cote x2, Mike Richards x2, Braydon Coburn x1, Kimmo Timonen x1, and Daniel Carcillo x1.

So for the Flyers on the day I got 25 cards signed and 1 photo. Not bad, considering this was the 3rd time I had gone for them this year and I didnt have many cards remaining. 

I headed over to MSG where my friend was getting Rangers autographs. I was only able to get Michal Rozival on a card pregame. Vinny Prospal was very late and refused.

So for the next couple of hours I was in Queens with a friend. We flipped between the Rangers and Mets games and headed into the city to go for the Rangers and Nationals postgames.

The Rangers postgame was pretty bad. Usually I get 10-20 autographs postgame but today I got 4. Another Rozival, Wade Redden, and Erik Christiensen x2.

The Nats werent much better as I only got Willie Harris x1, and another Mike Morse. We hung out with Mike for a while and he said that a lot of players went out for dinner, which explains only seeing half the team off the bus, and as for not seeing Pudge Rodriguez, according to Mike, he was staying at a different hotel with all his family.

The day was done and when it was all said and done I had tallied 71 autographs…take a look at the recaps:

Philadelphia Flyers:
Aaron Asham: 0/0
Blair Betts: 0/0
Danny Briere: Missed
Daniel Carcillo: 2/3
Jeff Carter: Refused
Riley Cote: 3/3
Simon Gagne: 4/9
Claude Giroux: 1/2
Scott Hartnell: 2/7
Ian Laperriere: 4/4
Ville Lieno: 0/0
Darrel Powe: 0/0
Mike Richards: 2/2
James Van Riemsdyk: 1 Photo
Oskars Bartulis: 0/0
Matt Carle: 1/1
Braydon Coburn: 1/1
Lukas Krajicek: 0/0
Ryan Parent: 0/0
Chris Pronger: 1/9
Kimmo Timonen: 2/6
Brian Boucher: 0/0
Sebastien Caron: 1/1
Ray Emery: Injured
Michael Leighton: Injured
Peter Laviolette: 0/0
Joe Mullen: Missed
Jeff Reese: 1/1
Chris Therrien: 0/0

Washington Nationals
Miguel Batista: Missed
Jason Bergmann: Missed
Brian Bruney: 2/2
Sean Burnett: 1/1
Matt Capps: 3/9
Tyler Clippard: Refused
Jesse English: 1/1
John Lannan: 1/1
Jason Marquis: Missed
Garret Mock: 1/9
Craig Stammen: Missed
Tyler Walker: Missed
Wil Nieves: 0/0
Ivan Rodriguez: Missed
Ian Desmond: 0/0
Adam Dunn: 1/9
Alberto Gonzalez: 1/1
Cristian Guzman: 9/9
Adam Kennedy: 2/9
Mike Morse: 10/10
Ryan Zimmerman: Missed
Willie Harris: 1/9
Nyjer Morgan: 7/8
Willy Taveras: Refused
Josh Willingham: Refused
Jim Riggleman: Missed
John MacLaren: Missed
Rob Dibble: Refused

This will be the only time that there will be hockey up here, unless of course I go for the playoffs in October and the Rangers are home.

Anyway, the next hotel is San Francisco on May 7. I plan on going to the the New Hampshire Fishercats vs. Trenton Thunder game on 4/19 so there will be an update for that too! Check back in soon and have a good one!!

It’s Been Far Too Long…

Hello there everybody, it is me, Jonathan, the NYC Autograph Collector. Good news, I am absolutely 100% going to be updated this season. What happened last year was simply I was going so much that I got so far behind with the blog. I must have been 20-30 entries behind and with everything else in my life (not just baseball) the blog wasn’t as much a priority and simply didnt get updated.

Anyway, here are the stats from 2009:

1488 MLB Autographs
1900+ Total Autographs including MiLB
6 Bats (including a bat from Ryan Westmoreland…who had the brain tumors)
6 Lineup Cards
1000s of great moments

Here are some of the autographs I got, the highlights, if you will:

I have high hopes for 2010 also. I dont think it will be 1488, but I should hit 1000 again which would be fine for me.

Friday I will be doing the Washington Nationals as well as the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL, and postgame for the New York Rangers, so it should be a mammoth update…after that I wont be doing a hotel until May 7th for San Francisco. But I will be going to a few New Hampshire Fishercats Games…Ill keep everyone posted.

Thanks, and have fun! 


I must apologize for my lack of updates since the summer began. I have been going to the city, and I have a lot of updates to post about, but unfortunately they wont be up until September.

I’ve been insanely busy going to the city, I was down in Baltimore, and I’ve been going to a lot of minor league games as of late. Plus all of what I do in my personal life, really leaves me with no time to update this until I get back to school, when I’m not going to want to do school work…

Here’s what I have to update:

Sunday: July 5, 2009: Toronto Blue Jays Hotel
Wednesday: July 8, 2009: Los Angeles Dodgers Hotel
Thursday: July 9, 2009: Los Angeles Dodgers Hotel
Friday: July 17, 2009: Detroit Tigers Hotel
Saturday: July 18, 2009: Detroit Tigers Hotel
Monday: July 20, 2009: Baltimore Orioles Hotel
Thursday: July 23, 2009: Oakland A’s Hotel
Friday: July 24, 2009: Oakland A’s Hotel
Tuesday: July 28, 2009: Colorado Rockies Hotel
Wednesday: July 29, 2009: Colorado Rockies Hotel
Friday: July 31, 2009: Arizona Diamondbacks Hotel
Saturday: August 1, 2009: Boston Redsox @ Baltimore Orioles Game
Monday: August 4, 2009: Arizona Diamondbacks Hotel and Brooklyn Cyclones Game
Wednesday: August 6, 2009: Hudson Valley Renegades Game
Thursday: August 7, 2009: Hudson Valley Renegades Game
Friday: August 8, 2009: Hudson Valley Renegades Game

A post takes me about 2 hours, and since its the summer, I like to get out and do other things.

Don’t hesitate to ask me questions still, or slip me an e-mail if you need any advice or anything.

I promise though, give me a month or so and I will have everything updated and then the rest of the updates that haven’t happened yet.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009: Independant League All-Star Game and St. Louis Cardinals Postgame Hotel

The day started out going to Newark, New Jersey, where the Newark Bears were hosting this years Independent League All-Star Game. Basically a bunch of celebrities were on hand to play in a softball game and then you get to watch the best of the best non-major leaguers go at it.

The highlight of that was getting Ozzie Smith on a legendary cuts card. That’s pretty much the highlight of 5 hours being in New Jersey. I got Armando Benitez another 8 more times. Wahoo! And then guys like Esteban Yan, Nate Bump, Brandon Sing. Guys who were on rosters for a while and then got bounced from those teams and now they’re here trying to find work, making $3000 a month.  

Anyway, I didnt even stay for the game. I wanted to get back to NYC in time to go for the Cardinals. I hung out with my friend Russell who has an apartment in the city near MSG. We found a spot near the hotel and then just hung out at the hotel. The NBA Draft Picks were also staying at the hotel. I saw Blake Griffin, Hasheem Thabeet, Ricky Rubio. It was cool. I even got Blake Griffin to sign an index for a friend.

Anyway, the Cardinals finally came back. First I got Todd Wellemeyer to sign a board for me, after not getting anyone off the bus. He’s a really cool guy. 

Then Came Chris Perez who signed all 4 cards. Ironically, he is no longer a Cardinal. 2009 All-Star Ryan Franklin came out with his family and was nice enough to sign 5 cards.

Chris Duncan Came back and signed 3 cards for me. A 2007 Allen and Ginter, 2008 Goudey, and a 2006 Topps 52 alternate logo SP. He was pretty drunk, but luckily his auto wasn’t affected by his intoxication.

Tony LaRussa came back hammered. I mean hammered. He walked directly over to me and said “I like your hat.” I was wearing the Red hat with the STL insignia on it, with 57 and 32 written on the sides to honor Darryl Kile and Josh Hancock respectively. “I’m gonna sign for ya cause ya got the right hats on. And cause you honor our fallen players!”

He is not easy to get whatsoever. He does not sign when he goes to the park, so I was exstatic to get him now.

A few minutes later Joel Piniero came back. He had told me before that he’d sign the last day. I was able to break him down telling him I couldnt come back the next two days and he made me promise he wouldnt see me. He wouldn’t.

That was it. Not bad for a one night.

Heres the recap:

The recap for this is going to be done in this type of format for postgame only hotels:

Todd Wellemeyer signed 9 of 9
Chris Perez signed 4 of 4
Ryan Franklin signed 5 of 9
Chris Duncan signed 3 of 9
Tony LaRussa signed 1 of 8
Joel Piniero signed 1 of 9

Albert Pujols refused
Adam Wainright refused
Chris Carpenter refused

That was it.

I have to update the Blue Jays (7/5) and the Dodgers (7/8 and 7/9) and we will be all up to date. I’m going for Detroit Friday and maybe Saturday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009: Washington Nationals  Hotel

The day started out with me getting up at 6:15 to drive my parents to the airport so they could go to Las Vegas for a few days. Thanks mom and dad. But at least I got paid to drive them. After that it was strait into the city.

The day started out pretty slowly, very slowly. Kip Wells was the first guy I got, but it would be a while before we saw anyone else and that person would be Corey Patterson, who considering spent the entire year in the minors and was called up because Josh Willingham went on the bereavement list, still only signs one card.

Then Austin Kearns and Adam Dunn came out, and I was lucky enough to be able to get both of them. I was the only person to get both of them, both on Allen and Ginters as well. I was very pumped about that.

After that it was very slow. Ross Detwiler came out and signed 2 cards for me. I always heard he was nasty but he was very cool today.

Then Alberto Gonzalez and Wil Nieves came out for their car. Gonzalez signed both cards I had, and Nieves who is a really cool guy signed all 3.

Mike MacDougal came out next, and we nearly missed him but someone noticed him around walking around the corner. He was normally a one per but he did a board of 8 for me today. Cool.

Then finally my biggest hit of the day (I know I got Dunn- but never Zimmerman) Ryan Zimmerman on, yes, an Allen and Ginter. I had somehow always managed to miss him but finally today, I was able to get him.

Joe Beimel came out and did a roll-down for me cause the security guard flipped out. He was very nice and said to me “That guy needs to take a fu***** chill pill.” Yes, yes he does.

The bus today was good. I got Ron Belliard 2x, Elijah Dukes, and Shairon Martis 2x.

That was it for the day not bad. Then I went home, got stuck in traffic on the Deegan, and then played basketball for 3 hours.

Heres the recap:

Washington Nationals:
Joe Beimel: 3/3
Jason Bergmann: Missed
Jesus Colome: Missed
Ross Detwiler: 2/2
Joel Hanrahan: 0/0
John Lannan: 0/0
Mike MacDougal: 8/8
Shairon Martis: 2/2
Craig Stammen: Missed
Julian Tavarez: Missed
Ron Villone: Missed
Kip Wells: 1/9
Jordan Zimmermann: 0/0
Josh Bard: Missed
Wil Nieves: 3/3
Ronnie Belliard: 2/9
Adam Dunn: 1/9
Alberto Gonzalez: 2/2
Christian Guzman: Missed
Anderson Hernandez: Missed
Nick Johnson: Missed
Ryan Zimmerman: 1/9
Elijah Dukes: 1/8
Willie Harris: Missed
Austin Kearns: 1/9
Corey Patterson: 1/8
Manny Acta: Missed
Rob Dibble: 0/0

There will be more updates soon I promise.

Im going to update the Independant league stuff at a later date. Maybe after the season. I will have an update for 6/23 for the Independant League All-Star Game and Cardinals postgame. Another post for 7/5 for the Blue Jays.

Im going for the Dodgers tomorrow (7/8) and maybe Thursday (7/9).

Sorry this took me so long, but I hope to get the other updates up very soon


Really Quick…

Yes, I am slacking horribly in keeping this updated. I know, I am sorry. I don’t know when I will be all updated but I’m working on the updates as we speak so please come back soon and check them out. Please forgive me, I’m 19, and I have other things I do than just sit in front of my computer for 3 hours updating.

Thanks everyone and check in soon when you have a moment.

Sunday, June 7, 2009: Tampa Bay Rays Hotel

This day happened by complete accident. My parents woke me up at the butt crack of dawn to go to Long Island to have breakfast with my Grandma and my Aunt and cousins. It was a nice day, and I figured since we were so close to the city my parents could drop me off somewhere so I could go for Tampa again.

It paid off very nicely.

It was one of those days that was all about quality rather than quantity. I got 13 total, but a solid 13, everyone who I got was very well worth getting.

I don’t have time to sit here and give great examples of how I got everyone and everything so here is a brief version of what happened.

First, I got Andy Sonnanstine to sign a card coming off the bus.

After that, Dan Wheeler had come in and out of the hotel with his family. He hung out outside the hotel with them for a while as we stood there patiently waiting. He gave us the international “wait one moment” sign, so we knew he would. After saying goodbye he came over and thanked us for not bothering him while he was with his family.

Dionner Navarro was the next guy out and he signed one like he always does.

Don Zimmer, who usually never signs got talked into it, and since I didnt have any cards of him, I had him sign a 2007 team picture card.

Carlos Pena came out and headed off to dinner. He signed a few and I was lucky to get him.

Scott Kazmir came out with David Price and went one way, while Jeff Niemann came out with Andy Sonnanstine and went another way.

I went up to Scott and asked him if he’d sign.

“Sure, I’ll sign, but I dont think it’s me you want.” He said, pointing to David Price.

“Well, to be honest, I he signed for me Friday night.” I told him.

“Oh, I gotcha. That’s a good reason. Variety.”

David Price said later, so I raced around and got Jeff Niemann to sign the other two cards he didnt the day before.

David Price came back and signed one each. Kept his word, I like that.

Andy Sonnanstine came back with Jeff Niemann and signed two more.

Finally I got Carl Crawford. Two days before carl had picked up my sharpie 3 times and handed it back to me unsigned. He was cool, walked strait over and signed one.

Carlos Pena signed another to round off the night.

Thats a solid 13 if you ask me. Here’s the Recap:

Tampa Bay Rays:

Grant Balfour: Missed
Randy Choate: Missed
Lance Cormier: Missed
Matt Garza: Refused
JP Howell: 0/0
Jason Isringhausen: Missed
Joe Nelson: 0/0
Jeff Niemann: 2/2
David Price: 1/3
James Shields: Refused
Andy Sonnanstine: 3/9
Dan Wheeler: 1/6
Michel Hernandez: 0/0
Dionner Navarro: 1/9
Willy Aybar: Missed
Reid Brignac: Missed
Evan Longoria: Refused
Carlos Pena: 2/9
Carl Crawford: 1/9
Gabe Gross: Missed
Matt Joyce: Missed
Gabe Kapler: Refused
BJ Upton: Missed
Ben Zobrist: Missed
Joe Dillon: Missed
Joe Maddon: Missed
Steve Henderson: Missed
Tom Foley: 0/0
Dave Martinez: 0/0
Don Zimmer: 1/1 (Team Picture Card)
Scott Kazmir: 1/9

Here are the highlights:

I was supposed to go today for the Rays but last second I scratched that. I may go Sunday morning. Who knows. I will definitely go one day for STL next week.


Friday, May 5th, 2009: Tampa Bay Rays Hotel

Rain stinks. It kills sharpies, and when a player goes out you don’t want all your stuff getting ruined by trying to get them to sign. Friday was one of those days that seemed like the rain could wash everything away, including the game that night, which it ultimately did.

I got to the hotel late at around 10:45, and it would be a little while before we saw someone come out. The first players we saw were Lance Cormier and Ben Zobrist. Zobrist went to get lunch and Lance was going to go get flowers for his wife. For lance I had a board of 9 2004 SP Prospects for him to sign. Here is a signed version you can see:


Lance has a nice autograph. Some of the cards had gotten a little wet and he actually made sure each card was dry before signing it. Usually he signs one or two, but since it was raining he was in no rush to leave so he signed 6 for me. I gave one to another collector, and Lance requested to keep two of them, which was no problem at all. I told him that I had three more cards in my bag and he said “Let me get them when I get back! I gotta get her flowers before she gets here!”

Before Ben Zobrist could come back, Joe Nelson walked out and signed the only card I had. Ben finally made his way back and nicely came around to where there was an overhang. My pen somehow got dripped on and the signatures started getting faint and whatnot. Nothing got completely ruined but they dont look great some of them. He did all 9 cards, and I restocked the last 3 that I had for later.

Gabe Gross came out and signed one for me and told everyone else that he’d sign later. The card got hit by a lone rain drop and messed up the signature a little but nothing terrible.

The next guy I got was Steve Henderson, a former player and now coach under Joe Maddon.

After that was Grant Balfour and Willy Aybar. Both signed only one card and both got messed up by rain, not terribly but still enough. Ughhhhhhhh.

After seeing Matt Joyce a few times and after him mumbling to us a few times, he finally decided to sign, and luckily niether card got messed up by rain.

Ben Zobrist came back out and signed the other 3 cards for me, making the total 12 for the day.

Dionner Navarro came out next and and smartly stayed under an overhang so he nor our stuff would get wet, but of course he decides to use someone else’s thick sharpie for the card, which is annoying to me, but whatever, better than not getting an autograph.

Andy Sonnanstine made his way over to starbucks, and when he came back, I asked him to sign, he told me he was going to put his stuff on the bus and then come back. He kept his word, and came off and right over to me where I was under the overhang and signed 3 cards, like he always does.

The last autograph for pre-game that I got was Carlos Pena who signed my Allen and Ginter absolutely perfectly. He has a good signature and then a good signature which he puts lines through. This time he didnt put the lines through them and it looks awesome.

I was on my way back to Queens to get my car and just finishing eating my McDonalds when I found out the game had been postponed. So it was immediately back to the city. Had I not have made one more light I would have missed the bus returning. I got to the hotel and the bus was pulling up.

I got David Price to sign a card off the bus, and Reid Brignac as well. I was the only one who got Reid, as other people went for other players.

Matt Joyce came back out of the hotel and signed the last 2 that I had giving me 4 for the day.

JP Howell came out next. JP is insanely cool and got on line for a taxi, and signed whatever you put in front of him. I of course only have a 2006 Topps photoshoped Tampa Bay card.

Reid Brignac came out again, and signed another for me and one for everyone else as well.

Joe Maddon and the rest of the coaching staff came out and waited on line for a taxi. Joe signed 2 cards, since one got messed up by the rain. Since he was waiting on line for a while I decided to get a picture with the 2008 AL Manager of the Year:

Soon after that a group of players came out. It was Matt Garza, Jason Isringhausen, Jeff Niemann, and Andy Sonnanstine. Matt Garza wouldnt sign at first, but once Jason Isringhausen started signing he did as well. He signed a nice 2006 Upper Deck card. Jeff Niemann signed 5 cards including a 2007 Bowman draft picks and prospects jersey card.

Grant Balfour came back earlier and was heading out again with his wife, and walked out and signed another card for me.

Next guy out was Dionner Navarro who signed a card for me and inscribed it 2008 AS for me.

There was a huge gap before we saw anyone else. The group of four players returned and I got Isringhausen this time to sign a 2006 SP Authentic. Then the coaches returned and I got Maddon to sign one more.

Dont even get me started on BJ Upton. All I have to say is that he is the nastiest person in the game. Joe Maddon, if you see this, get him under control, because clearly his ego is so large that it is eating himself, and thats probably why he has been so bad the past two seasons. If you dont believe me about his ego, the man believes he is better than Chipper Jones. Enough said.

That was it for the night. Pena returned wouldnt sign, Longoria wouldnt do it. It was frustrating since there werent too many people (4) and Longoria still wouldnt sign. Oh well. Glad I got him last year. Glad Tampa comes in again this weekend.

I met up with some friends in the city and we walked around for a little bit and then headed over to where my car was and headed home. I dropped them off and we hung out there for about half an hour before I headed home at 3:30.

It was a good day, Here’s the recap:

Tampa Bay Rays:

Grant Balfour: 2/4
Randy Choate: Missed
Lance Cormier: 6/8
Matt Garza: 1/9
JP Howell: 1/1
Jason Isringhausen: 1/9
Joe Nelson: 1/1
Jeff Niemann: 5/7
David Price: 1/4
James Shields: Refused
Andy Sonnanstine: 3/9
Dan Wheeler: Refused
Michel Hernandez: Missed
Dionner Navarro: 2/9
Willy Aybar: 1/9
Reid Brignac: 2/8
Evan Longoria: Refused
Carlos Pena: 1/9
Carl Crawford: Missed
Gabe Gross: 1/9
Matt Joyce: 4/4
Gabe Kapler: Refused
BJ Upton: Refused
Ben Zobrist: 12/12
Joe Dillon: Missed
Joe Maddon: 3/8
Steve Henderson: 1/1
Tom Foley: 0/0
Dave Martinez: 0/0

Rays Total: 48 Autographs

Take a look at the highlights:

Sorry that it is a bit blurry.

Anyway, I have three more updates that will be up soon. Enjoy this one. Washington was good yesterday, and I’m looking foward to doing this team again Friday and maybe Sunday.

Season Stats:
Fridays Total: 48 Autographs
Season Total: 533 Autographs
Season Average: 38.1 Autographs/Hotel

Just a Quick Update…

Hey everyone…sorry I havent posted an update recently, I’ve been insanely busy and just haven’t had the time to update a full update. I have three updates coming:


Friday, June 5, 2009: Tampa Bay Rays Hotel

Sunday, June 7, 2009: Tampa Bay Rays Hotel

Friday, June 12, 2009: Long Island Ducks/Newark Bears


I *should* have an update up Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but no guarantees on that. So just be patient and I’ll get those up soon for everyone.


My next hotel will be Friday, June 19, 2009 for Tampa Again. After that I have no idea whats going on.


Thanks for being patient and make sure you come back soon

Tuesday, June 2, 2009: Texas Rangers Hotel

The day started off pretty bad. Not from an autograph standpoint, but from a parking standpoint, and that there was none at 6 different train stations. After freaking out in my car for way too long, I decided to just drive to Queens and park at my friend’s house. It was annoying as heck, but whatever it needed to be done or I was not going to be able to get into the city.

We ended up making it to the hotel at 11:15 which is a lot later than I like to get there, and as a result I missed Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Mike Maddux, and Marlon Byrd. That was disappointing but sometimes that happens and there is nothing you can do.

The first player we did see was Jason Jennings. The 2002 NL ROY just stood outside the hotel waiting for friends and signed whatever you put in front of him. When all was said and done I had gotten 10 cards signed, including a 2007 Allen and Ginter when he was on Houston.

The next player out was Hank Blalock. Hank use to be very tough to get a few years back, but has since lightened up a bit. He signed 1 each no problem, and I got him to sign my 2008 Allen and Ginter. Which is a shortprint in the set. Take a look:

After that the next player out was Francisco who got into a car and signed while sitting down. I had 6 cards of him, they were all the same, but they are the very nice 2004 SP Prospects cards. You can see the signed one below. Its very red.

While I was putting his card away someone said that David Murphy was signing. So I got my stuff out for him. But then I noticed Ian Kinsler. So I ditched Murphy and headed over to get Kinsler. Ian was cool and waited for me to get my cards out, and signed 3 for me. Then total chaos set in. There were 7 players standing there. Next I went up to Chris Davis. Chris signed all 5 cards I brought for him, and then it was over to Elvis Andrus, who signed one for me. After that Matt Harrison, who was with the team dispite being on the DL signed 2 for me, and then Taylor Teagarden signed the lone card I had and Brandon Boggs signed one of the 6 I had. They all then got into cabs and headed off. But just as quickly as it started there was a moment to catch my breath and notice that I quickly grabbed 13 autographs in about 5 minutes.

A few minutes later we saw Warner Madrigal who signed the lone card I had. He has since been sent down.

Eddie Guardado had left for lunch before and returned and started signing. When he was done signing I had 8 cards signed, suprisingly none of which from his Minnesota days, where he made his name as a closer and earned the nickname “Everyday Eddie” Weird, but it doesnt really matter to me.

The last guy we got pregame was Kris Benson who got on the bus. I had 3 really nice cards signed, and he has a gorgeous signature, but he signs very fast and uses the side of the marker so they didnt come out great. He did one of the gold label and 2 of the SP cards. 

I had 37 autographs at this point and I was going to stay for postgame. I hung out in NYC with my friend Vincent and we walked around a little before meeting up with my friend Russ, who is living in the city this summer. We watched a bit of the game, but mainly the hockey game. Finally the game ended and we headed back over to the hotel.

There were two buses, and off the first one I got Hank Blalock to sign that sideways card, which was a 2007 SP Rookie Edition card. First time I have gotten one of those signed, and it looks great.

Then Andruw Jones came back in a car. I asked him to sign a Braves and a Dodgers card. Now, I know your thinking, a Dodgers card? Really? He sucked that year. Well he did, but when it’s an Allen and Ginter, that takes priority. He agreed to do that and yet signed 2 Dodgers cards anyway. Great. At least he did a Ginter and a Co-Signers.

The last guy we would get that night would be Omar Vizquel. Omar came back in a taxi, and when we went to get him he went out the other side of the taxi and started playing with us. He ducked down behind the cab and started pretending to be chased. He stopped and was laughing and signed two for me, a Mariners card from 1990, and an Indians card from 2000.

That was it, I drove home, and watched MLB Bloopers on MLBTV.

Here’s the recap:

Texas Rangers:
Kris Benson: 3/9
Scott Feldman: Refused
Frank Francisco: 1/6
Eddie Guardado: 8/8
Derek Holland: 0/0
Jason Jennings: 10/14
Warner Madrigal: 1/1
Brandon McCarthy: Refused
Kevin Millwood: Missed
Guillermo Moscoso: Missed
Darren O’Day: Missed
Vincente Padilla: Missed
CJ Wilson: Missed
Jarrod Saltalamcchia: Missed
Taylor Teagarden: 1/1
Elvis Andrus: 1/2
Chris Davis: 5/5
Ian Kinsler: 3/9
Omar Vizquel: 2/8
Michael Young: Missed
Brandon Boggs: 1/6
Marlon Byrd: Missed
Nelson Cruz: Missed
Josh Hamilton: Missed
Andruw Jones: 2/9
David Murphy: Missed
Hank Blalock: 2/9
Matt Harrison: 2/2
Ron Washington: Missed
Mike Maddux: Refused
Gary Pettis: Missed
Jose Guzman: Missed
Nolan Ryan: Missed

Take a look at the highlights:

I was at the Rays hotel Friday, June 5 and did very well. I may go back tomorrow for postgame, and most likely on Monday for the last hotel for a few weeks and do Tampa until 3:30/4 and then go for Philadelphia after that since they will be in town. As always there will be updates for everything.